The journey to create UnderCurrent Atlanta started back in 2005…

Unsatisfied with where he was in his life, Michael Payne packed his bags and headed to Atlanta. He didn’t have a job lined up but knew he wanted to be here, in the hub of southern creativity. He quickly got a job at CNN and learned the inner workings of television. Combining his new skill set with his lifelong love of film and his theatrical background from UNC Chapel Hill, he was now hooked by the type of story telling the video platform offered and started looking for stories to tell wherever he could find them.

Michael created UnderCurrent Atlanta in November 2012. His vision is to feature the “real” Atlanta – the one most people don’t get a chance to experience. Atlanta is home to some of the South’s most creative minded and interesting people and as such, Michael was inspired to share their stories. Ultimately, it is his hope that UnderCurrent Atlanta becomes the spot to share Atlanta’s hidden gems with the rest of the world.

Enjoy this video blog and if you have a great story idea to share, please contact us!