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  • A Conversation with Dakoro Edwards

    A Conversation with Dakoro Edwards

      I’ve always held a deep appreciation for creative people. Musicians, actors and artists alike, their ability to tap into that creative part of the mind that allows them to imagine the unthinkable is a rare gift. That’s one of the reasons I created UnderCurrent Atlanta , to surround myself with creative people.   Like most super heroes, with great creativity, comes responsibility. Art has the ability to inspire the masses, to tug at the heart strings or influence the mind. […]

  • The Good, The Bad and The Dead

    The Good, The Bad and The Dead

    As the Season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead begins tonight, my anticipation grows. I look forward to being engrossed in the struggles of the group, internal and external. I still waver whether me not having read the comic book nor the graphic novel is a good or bad thing. A lot of gratitude goes out to Fear The Walking Dead for stemming the tide even though I wish Chandler Riggs would had not grown seemingly four feet, allowing AMC […]

  • 2015 Dragon Con Parade

    2015 Dragon Con Parade

    The 2015 Dragon Con has come and gone but the memories of this annual fan convention will last…well until next years Dragon Con. But until that time arrives, I’d like to share one of the better memories from this years Dragon Con. If you know anything  about Dragon Con (and I imagine you do or why else would you be reading this) then you’ve heard of the famous Dragon Con Parade. Each year, hundreds of dedicated cos-players, movie buffs and […]

  • Jerrod Carmichael is the next Chris Rock but his sitcom is “Pootie Tang”

    Jerrod Carmichael is the next Chris Rock but his sitcom is “Pootie Tang”

        There’s a scene in “Pootie Tang” where a gorilla fatally mauls Pootie’s dad. It was unexpected, absurd and the ONLY funny scene in the entire flick. The fact that this movie even made it into theaters is a testament to how hot Chris Rock was in 2001. Rock’s collaborations with HBO (two stand-up specials and a comedy series) were solid gold and made him an icon. But for whatever reason, his brilliance didn’t translate into long-form storytelling. I see the […]

  • Sword Handler Joshua Adrian talks about Dragon Con

    Sword Handler Joshua Adrian talks about Dragon Con

    Dragon Con is right around the corner and I’m back at it, trying to find out more information about this huge convention that will be taking over down town Atlanta early September. I was able to snag a pretty interesting interview with sword handler Joshua Adrian. UnderCurrent Atlanta: Hello Joshua. Ok, forgive my ignorance but can you tell me a little about your sword handling career? Joshua Adrian: I have done a sword solo for an Atlanta Opera production, as well […]

  • Jennie Law talks about Dragon Con

    Jennie Law talks about Dragon Con

    I’m back at it, looking for some more good advice on how to tackle the behemoth also known as Dragon Con. I’ve already spoken with Jeff James and Clara Nguyen; this week, I’ll be speaking with long time Dragon Con attendee Jennie Law. To this point, Jennie has been going to Dragon Con for the longest, since ’98 so I know she’s got some really good information to share!     UnderCurrent Atlanta: Hey Jennie, thanks for taking time out […]

  • Cos-player Clara Nguyen talks about Dragon Con

    Cos-player Clara Nguyen talks about Dragon Con

        Oh man, I just got back from an incredible trip to Medellin, Colombia for a friends wedding. I know, I know, Medellin Colombia you ask? But after my visit, I have no problem telling people to visit that beautiful city. But that’s a story for another day. Let’s talk about Dragon Con. YEAH!!!   Continuing with my research into how Dragon Con operates, I reached out to Clara Nguyen, cos-player extraordinaire and got her input on how I […]

  • Photographer Jeff James talks about Dragon Con

    Photographer Jeff James talks about Dragon Con

      In order to prepare myself for the madness that is Dragon Con, I spoke with photographer Jeff James about some of his experiences visiting the convention. Jeff has been to the last 5 Dragon Cons and has some really good thoughts on how to maximize a visit. UnderCurrent Atlanta: Hey Jeff, you’ve been to several Dragon Con’s. Do you have any great stories to tell? Jeff James: “Twas my third year at Dragon Con and I was out taking […]

  • My First Visit to Dragon Con

    My First Visit to Dragon Con

    Coming up the first week of September, the world famous Dragon Con will take over downtown Atlanta. It’s the largest Fan Convention located on the East Coast and has been a fan favorite since it’s inception back in 1987. I’ve been a fan of anime, sci-fi and comics since I can remember but unfortunately, I’d never been to a fan convention until I visited Momo Con this year. Momo Con really opened my eyes to everything that’s involved with a […]

  • Momo Con 2015: Dan Carroll and Parson Petchor

    Momo Con 2015: Dan Carroll and Parson Petchor

      While visiting Momo Con 2015, we were lucky enough to interview Dan Carroll and Parson Petchor. Outside of the creators of Momo Con, these two guys are the heart and soul of the convention.   Dan is in charge of media relations for Momo Con. He’s been associated with the convention for the last 3 years and during that time, he’s seen a steady growth in popularity among gaming, anime and comic book fans. But the part of the […]