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  • Maison Fleury–Call to Action

    Maison Fleury–Call to Action

    Here’s an example of a “Call to Action” video I made for Corrina Sephora Mensoff, a talented metal sculptor here in Atlanta. Corrina was having an open house in north Atlanta that displayed many of her unique pieces. I was able to get a couple of testimonials from friends and admirers but the highlight of the day was checking out the spiral staircase Corrina helped design. The staircase stood three stories high and ascended from the ground floor all the […]

  • Water Jet Pack at Fort Myers Beach, Florida

    Water Jet Pack

      I saw this guy using one of those hydro jet packs down in Florida. I’ve seen them online and in videos before but it was really cool seeing one in person. I wonder how they work? I didn’t see any controls in his hand that regulate water pressure, I don’t know, maybe it uses foot pedals. Someone want to explain to me how these things work??? Anyway, I’ve added one more thing to my bucket list.

  • Guy catches Sting Ray at Ft Myers Beach

    Guy catches Sting Ray at Ft Myers Beach

    I recently took a trip down to Florida to visit my girlfriends family. While there, we took a day trip to Fort Myers beach. We’d noticed some guy fishing in the water all day long but didn’t really pay attention to him. But as we walked across the pier, we heard this ruckus coming from the beach. I looked over and saw that the guy had caught a sting ray (not sure but I believe it’s a manta ray). We’d […]

  • Home Gardening Tips with Randy Powers

    Home Gardening Tips with Randy Powers

    I’m re-posting this interview from earlier because I felt it’s something worth listening too. I visited my good friend Randy Powers in north GA where he gave me some great home gardening tips. Since this interview, Randy has acquired a chicken coop with several egg laying hens. I was lucky enough to taste some of these farm fresh eggs and let me tell you, it was worth it! UnderCurrent Atlanta: What motivated you to start a backyard garden? Randy Powers: […]

  • Braces


    This was an important piece I produced for my job at CNN, not only because of the content but because of the connection I made. Six degrees of separation was in play that day and I got to meet Jasmine Guy! When I saw her, I turned into that 13 year old kid that watched Different World or Harlem Knights. And yes, I asked her out but that’s a story for another day. (So, to be clear, this video is about braces, not Jasmine Guy. […]

  • Mendoza Wine Region

    Mendoza Wine Region

    Like the Okabashi video, this is one of the earlier videos I produced for my job at CNN. I didn’t get to travel to Argentina but I spent so much time working on the video, I felt like I had. Maybe in the future…

  • Okabashi Flip Flop Company

    Okabashi Flip Flop Company

    Here’s one of the first videos I produced for my day job at CNN. The topic is less important than the fact that producing this package was the first time I really knew what I should be doing with my life. So in the grand scheme of things, it’s special to me because it led me to where I am today.

  • Ear Infections

    Ear Infections

    Man, those poor kids! Can you imagine what it’s like to get a giant needle stuck into your leg? I felt that this was an important piece because so many kids end up with ear infections and not enough parents know how to cope with it. Hope you learn a little! (Also, if you couldn’t tell, I produced this for my day job at CNN.)

  • Learn the art of beer making with Red Hare Brewing Company

    Learn the art of beer making with Red Hare Brewing Company

    Anyone that knows me, knows I love beer! So when I got the chance to visit Red Hare Brewing Company in Marietta GA, I jumped on the opportunity. Head Brewer Bobby Thomas was nice enough to show me around the plant and explain to me how Red Hare makes their beer. He even gave me a taste of one of their lagers and I gotta tell you, Red Hare just found a new customer. UnderCurrent Atlanta: What’s you’re a name […]

  • Springer Mountain Trip

    Springer Mountain Trip

    This is me just goofing around, trying to make a “found footage” video like the Blair Witch Project. If I’d filmed the hillbilly hunters we passed, I’d think this would be a much scarier video. I headed to Springer Mountain with a group of friends, including my gal Maya. I thought I was in good shape but Springer Mountain reminded me of how much I enjoy a good beer. See if you can find the hidden message in the film!