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  • Milyssa Rose–Silky Smooth Singer

    Milyssa Rose–Silky Smooth Singer

    What can I say about Milyssa Rose, this lady is a firecracker! Anyone that follows her on Facebook can attest to that. I interviewed Milyssa right before she sang for her good friends birthday party but she was still all business. The thing I liked the most about Milyssa, she is not afraid to tell it like it is! If you want to hear the real scoop on the music industry, check out my interview with Milyssa Rose. UnderCurrentAtlanta: So tell me how you […]

  • DJ Bobbihana

    DJ Bobbihana

    This was my first attempt at making a music video! We’d planned on this elaborate Harlem Shake video but didn’t get enough people to show up in crazy costumes to make it worthwhile so we just ran with an interview with DJ Bobbihana. I’m Dj Bobbihana (spells name) UnderCurrent Atlanta: What made you want to become a DJ? DJ B: It was a point for me as a DJ where I wanted to be a Hip-Hop DJ you know because I mean, […]

  • Taj Mahound–Gourmet Dog Treats

    Taj Mahound–Gourmet Dog Treats

    For all you dog lovers out there, you’ve gotta visit this gourmet bakery and shop in Decatur, GA. If you don’t have a pooch, you should still watch this interview because Krista Aversano has some great insights into how she started her successful small business. Her story is a great example of someone who took a risk to follow her dream. My name is Krista Aversano The name of my company is Taj Mahound and we are a bakery for dogs and I’m the […]

  • Pash Lima

    Pash Lima

    Pash Lima is a visual artist living in north Atlanta. At first, I was really interested by the pure talent of his artwork. However, once I started talking with him, his maturity and entrepreneurial spirit stood out to me. For as young as he is, he has his head on straight! He appreciates art and art history and in the future, wants to build a business that shares his passion with the rest of the world.  Pash Lima: My name is Pash Lima and I’m an artist I […]