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  • Must See Films

    Must See Films

    When it comes to pop culture, I would like to think I have serious swag, more cultural flow than Biggie dropping lyrics. But I have an admission to make – a lot of it’s fake bluster, at least when it comes to a true cinematic foundation. I love movies but as far as true knowledge about the Godfather, Indiana Jones, E.T. and other cinematic classics of my ‘70s and ‘80s childhood, I’m as fake as the guy who dared fill […]

  • Black History Month and Modern Film by Kelvin Sims

    Black History Month and Modern Film by Kelvin Sims

    Oh, how I wished Black History month didn’t matter. It’s 2015, right? Obama happened. Dr. King and his Dream speech happened half a ‘hunnerd’ years ago, right? Surely, even in the antiquated South, they’ve got this race thing all smoothed out and Dr. King’s speech has legs, flesh, breath, right? I mean, surely it’s not just a vision a decade plus past a new century? Well, 2014 came. And excuse the visual, but racial matters came along and took a […]