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  • Fyre Festival: The Movie

    Fyre Festival: The Movie

    Why The Fyre Festival blunder deserves a big screen adaptation Some people call him a con-artist, others call him a visionary. No matter what you think of Billy McFarland, there is no doubt his narrative is fascinating. McFarland, the subject of two, made for television documentaries, was at the center of a viral news story that you can’t quite put your finger on why it’s interesting, you just know it is. Back in April 2017, McFarland masterminded the now infamous Fyre Festival, […]

  • 2015 Dragon Con Parade

    2015 Dragon Con Parade

    The 2015 Dragon Con has come and gone but the memories of this annual fan convention will last…well until next years Dragon Con. But until that time arrives, I’d like to share one of the better memories from this years Dragon Con. If you know anything  about Dragon Con (and I imagine you do or why else would you be reading this) then you’ve heard of the famous Dragon Con Parade. Each year, hundreds of dedicated cos-players, movie buffs and […]

  • Cos-player Clara Nguyen talks about Dragon Con

    Cos-player Clara Nguyen talks about Dragon Con

        Oh man, I just got back from an incredible trip to Medellin, Colombia for a friends wedding. I know, I know, Medellin Colombia you ask? But after my visit, I have no problem telling people to visit that beautiful city. But that’s a story for another day. Let’s talk about Dragon Con. YEAH!!!   Continuing with my research into how Dragon Con operates, I reached out to Clara Nguyen, cos-player extraordinaire and got her input on how I […]

  • Photographer Jeff James talks about Dragon Con

    Photographer Jeff James talks about Dragon Con

      In order to prepare myself for the madness that is Dragon Con, I spoke with photographer Jeff James about some of his experiences visiting the convention. Jeff has been to the last 5 Dragon Cons and has some really good thoughts on how to maximize a visit. UnderCurrent Atlanta: Hey Jeff, you’ve been to several Dragon Con’s. Do you have any great stories to tell? Jeff James: “Twas my third year at Dragon Con and I was out taking […]

  • My First Visit to Dragon Con

    My First Visit to Dragon Con

    Coming up the first week of September, the world famous Dragon Con will take over downtown Atlanta. It’s the largest Fan Convention located on the East Coast and has been a fan favorite since it’s inception back in 1987. I’ve been a fan of anime, sci-fi and comics since I can remember but unfortunately, I’d never been to a fan convention until I visited Momo Con this year. Momo Con really opened my eyes to everything that’s involved with a […]

  • Momo Con 2015: Comic Artists

    Momo Con 2015: Comic Artists

      One of the best parts of attending a convention like Momo Con is you get the chance to meet some of your favorite comic book artist. Have you ever wondered why your favorite character made some crazy decision or that suicidal heroic gesture? At Momo Con, you get the chance to ask how that situation came about from the actual person that created it. You really have to appreciate the artistic and creative thinking that goes on behind many […]

  • It’s About Time For A Hans and Franz Movie

    It’s About Time For A Hans and Franz Movie

      (In Austrian accent) Hear me now and believe me later… Saturday Night Live has been at the forefront of American comedy since it’s opening monologue on October 11th, 1975. The list of comedic actors that have graced the halls of Studio 8H inside 30 Rock is legendary. Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Adam Sandler, and Chris Farley are just a few of the numerous comedic talents that were able to use their […]

  • Dredd: Why Hollywood won’t make a sequel to this Cult Classic

    Dredd: Why Hollywood won’t make a sequel to this Cult Classic

        How can I do a post about movie trailers without including Dredd.   In 2012, Lionsgate released Dredd, the newest film adaptation of the classic British comic Judge Dredd. It starred Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, Lena Headley as Madeline Madrigal (Ma-Ma), Olivia Thirlby as Judge Cassandra Anderson and Wood Harris as Kay. The movie was shot in 3D with a budget of just $45 million, far below most Hollywood blockbusters. The movie came with much hype and fanfare […]

  • The Might Morphin Power Rangers gets a very dark and gritty reboot

    The Might Morphin Power Rangers gets a very dark and gritty reboot

      Although I’d heard of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers before, I never really watched the show. Back in 1993, I was just too busy being a 22 year old I guess. And to be honest, the times I did catch an episode or two, the show never really appealed to me and it’s hard for me to put a finger on why. As a kid, I watched shows like Ultra Man, Voltron, and Star Blazers so when MMPR came […]

  • Alexa Lima

    Alexa Lima

      I recently sat down with Alexa Lima and talked with her about how she started playing the piano, what are some of her creative influences and the direction her band, Waking Astronomer, is taking. It’s always interesting to me to talk with musicians. They’re so expressive and  put so much of themselves into their work you can’t help but be drawn into their world. Alexa sounds like she has a great start to her career. Hi, my name is […]