Sword Handler Joshua Adrian talks about Dragon Con

Dragon Con Purple

Dragon Con is right around the corner and I’m back at it, trying to find out more information about this huge convention that will be taking over down town Atlanta early September. I was able to snag a pretty interesting interview with sword handler Joshua Adrian.

UnderCurrent Atlanta: Hello Joshua. Ok, forgive my ignorance but can you tell me a little about your sword handling career?

Interview 1

Joshua Adrian: I have done a sword solo for an Atlanta Opera production, as well as sung for their Chorus!  I have done a fire dance for a silly reality show.  I have acted with Atlanta Radio Theater Company and their “live action” branch.  I have done thousands of superhero children’s parties.  I have taught Yoga, Pilates, Belly Dance, and Nutrition to people and groups.  I taught Beginning Tai Chi two semesters at Emory University.

UCA: Any great Dragon Con memories?

JA: I had a Firefly star and a BSG star specifically walk up to me to shake my hand and compliment me after a performance!  I have been asked by a star of Stargate to go and flirt with a star of Farscape (as a “cheeky” prank.  I had a Star Trek: TNG star hug me and call me a Cutey Patootey!  I have turned around to see William Shatner walking next to me.  I have stumbled into random contests (and won them, neener neener!), random performances, random rpg games!
Interview 2

UCA: You are officially the first sword handler I’ve ever interviewed. How long have you been attending Dragon Con?

JA: I have been going to Dragon Con since 2006. I regularly participate in the Dragon Con Parade and Masquerade Costume Contest, even when I’m too busy that weekend with life (work, moving houses, other performances, being ditched by a girlfriend, ha) to just walk around (which is so much fun).

My fondest memory is when a Dad came up to me and confirmed that I was balancing swords that year in the Masquerade.  He told me he had watched me for years and had told his son about me and was so glad that they would both get to see me!!!!  Unlikely as it was to me, I was to be a bonding experience for them!

Interview 3

UCA: Man, that’s a great story! It’s a pretty cool feeling when you know you’ve affected someone by doing something you love. The real reason I’m asking you all these queston is because I’ve never been to a Dragon Con before. Do you have any advice for this newbie?

JA: Ha!  Drink water and wander!  Be open to Serendipity, baby!  Dragon Con is about surprises! Turn around and there is your future spouse or dear friend!  Or a beloved tv/movie star standing next to you marveling at the same thing you are, or marveling at you! Be open and throw yourself into everything!


Thanks Joshua for taking time out of your busy day to answer some of my questions.

Everyone keeps telling me to drink lots of water. Hell, I was thinking about several adult beverages myself but I better listen to the experts. Make sure to check out Joshua during the Dragon Con Parade!

See you in 20 days!