Momo Con 2015: Dan Carroll and Parson Petchor



While visiting Momo Con 2015, we were lucky enough to interview Dan Carroll and Parson Petchor. Outside of the creators of Momo Con, these two guys are the heart and soul of the convention.



Dan is in charge of media relations for Momo Con. He’s been associated with the convention for the last 3 years and during that time, he’s seen a steady growth in popularity among gaming, anime and comic book fans. But theDan Carroll Interview part of the convention he admires the most is its fan interaction. Everything from video, card and board games, panels, workshops and lectures are available for the fans to get a real hands on experience during their time at Momo Con. And Dan gives us a little insight on what “Momo” actually means, but you’ll have to listen to the interview to find that out.




Parsons InterviewNext, we spoke with Parson Petchor, who’s in charge of the costume department. This includes security for cos-players, costume related panels and costume contest. And he’s not above getting dressed up every now and then but unfortunately, we missed out on that. Parson’s ultimate goal is to help facilitate the growth of the costuming community at Momo Con and by the looks of things, he’s been a huge success.




Cos-play is a huge part of the fun of Momo Con. Lots of fans visit the convention just to show off their costumes. And who can blame them. For some, cos-play is literally a career. The dedication fans show to their costumes and the characters they represent just goes to show that Momo Con and conventions like it are here to stay!