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  • Ear Infections

    Ear Infections

    Man, those poor kids! Can you imagine what it’s like to get a giant needle stuck into your leg? I felt that this was an important piece because so many kids end up with ear infections and not enough parents know how to cope with it. Hope you learn a little! (Also, if you couldn’t tell, I produced this for my day job at CNN.)

  • Learn the art of beer making with Red Hare Brewing Company

    Learn the art of beer making with Red Hare Brewing Company

    Anyone that knows me, knows I love beer! So when I got the chance to visit Red Hare Brewing Company in Marietta GA, I jumped on the opportunity. Head Brewer Bobby Thomas was nice enough to show me around the plant and explain to me how Red Hare makes their beer. He even gave me a taste of one of their lagers and I gotta tell you, Red Hare just found a new customer. UnderCurrent Atlanta: What’s you’re a name […]

  • Springer Mountain Trip

    Springer Mountain Trip

    This is me just goofing around, trying to make a “found footage” video like the Blair Witch Project. If I’d filmed the hillbilly hunters we passed, I’d think this would be a much scarier video. I headed to Springer Mountain with a group of friends, including my gal Maya. I thought I was in good shape but Springer Mountain reminded me of how much I enjoy a good beer. See if you can find the hidden message in the film!

  • Krog Street Tunnel

    Krog Street Tunnel

    Krog Street Tunnel, located in Cabbage Town, is home to some of Atlanta’s most interesting graffiti. The tunnel itself has an interesting look but it’s what lies inside the tunnel that is its main attraction. Krog Street Tunnel artists have been tagging the tunnel for years and I had to get a picture of it. And you know, adding a little Steely Dan to enhance the visual never hurts.

  • Grant Green Jr

    Grant Green Jr

    My first celebrity interview! Grant Green Jr is the son of famous jazz guitar player Grant Green. It was a treat to sit down with him and hear some of his childhood stories. Grant knows the ins and outs of the music industry and it was a learning experience talking with him.  Learn more about him, including upcoming tour dates, on his website.

  • Kevin Scott

    Kevin Scott

    Kevin Scott is a bass guitarist from Dothan, AL and has lived in Atlanta since he was 19. Honestly, I think I got lucky with this interview. Kevin had been hosting Jam Sessions at the 5 Spot in Little 5 Points for years and I got to talk with him during his very last Jam Session. It was bittersweet but he reflects on his beginnings and influences. My name is Kevin Scott I am a bass player UnderCurrent Atlanta: How did you get interested […]

  • Milyssa Rose–Silky Smooth Singer

    Milyssa Rose–Silky Smooth Singer

    What can I say about Milyssa Rose, this lady is a firecracker! Anyone that follows her on Facebook can attest to that. I interviewed Milyssa right before she sang for her good friends birthday party but she was still all business. The thing I liked the most about Milyssa, she is not afraid to tell it like it is! If you want to hear the real scoop on the music industry, check out my interview with Milyssa Rose. UnderCurrentAtlanta: So tell me how you […]

  • DJ Bobbihana

    DJ Bobbihana

    This was my first attempt at making a music video! We’d planned on this elaborate Harlem Shake video but didn’t get enough people to show up in crazy costumes to make it worthwhile so we just ran with an interview with DJ Bobbihana. I’m Dj Bobbihana (spells name) UnderCurrent Atlanta: What made you want to become a DJ? DJ B: It was a point for me as a DJ where I wanted to be a Hip-Hop DJ you know because I mean, […]

  • Taj Mahound–Gourmet Dog Treats

    Taj Mahound–Gourmet Dog Treats

    For all you dog lovers out there, you’ve gotta visit this gourmet bakery and shop in Decatur, GA. If you don’t have a pooch, you should still watch this interview because Krista Aversano has some great insights into how she started her successful small business. Her story is a great example of someone who took a risk to follow her dream. My name is Krista Aversano The name of my company is Taj Mahound and we are a bakery for dogs and I’m the […]

  • Pash Lima

    Pash Lima

    Pash Lima is a visual artist living in north Atlanta. At first, I was really interested by the pure talent of his artwork. However, once I started talking with him, his maturity and entrepreneurial spirit stood out to me. For as young as he is, he has his head on straight! He appreciates art and art history and in the future, wants to build a business that shares his passion with the rest of the world.  Pash Lima: My name is Pash Lima and I’m an artist I […]