Six Degrees of Schwarzenegger Podcast – Predator Ep. 3


Highlights from this section of PREDATOR

  • Dutch and crew find the guerilla base
  • Dutch and crew lay waste to the guerilla base
  • Dillon and Dutch face off over Dillon’s real agenda

Schwarzenegger’s secret weapon: Sven-Ole Thorsen

Danish bodybuilder/actor/stuntman Sven-Ole Thorsen has appeared in 15 films (see list below) alongside frequent collaborator Arnold Schwarzenegger throughout their careers, according to IMDb.  Schwarzenegger met Thorsen on the professional bodybuilding circuit, and brought him in on his first major starring vehicle, CONAN THE BARBARIAN.  Since then, Thorsen has appeared in some of Schwarzenegger’s biggest hits, as well as other action classics like GLADIATOR, LETHAL WEAPON, and THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

Thorsen’s overlap with Schwarzenegger:

Check out this video for an incredible reel of Thorsen’s greatest hits.


How realistic is it for Arnold to deadlift the back end of a truck?

In at least 2 different Schwarzenegger movies (PREDATOR and TWINS), Arnold deadlifts a vehicle’s rear wheels off the ground.  That got us wondering, how possible (or impossible) is that feat?  The first two estimates I read on the internet both agreed that to lift the rear wheels of a vehicle off the ground is around 1000lbs.  Obviously the internet is not always accurate, but the math on these two articles seemed close enough for our purposes.  (check those out here and here if you’re curious.)

The world record for a deadlift (without a special rig) is 1014lbs.  The truck Dutch lifts in PREDATOR is stripped down: no wheels, no sheet metal, basically just a flat bed.  That must reduce the weight by a couple hundred pounds.  Combined with the fact that he only lifts it an inch or two to allow the wood blocks propping up the rear end to fall over, we’ll rate this feat of strength as “not beyond the realm of possibility.”  Here’s a clip from PUMPING IRON of one of Schwarzenegger’s friends Franco Columbu moving a (extremely compact) car by himself to show that this feat of strength is within reason.

Now TWINS on the other hand…  Arnold lifts the rear end of a Cadillac to “an angle greater than 45 degrees” in order to get the car’s alarm to shut off.  This would certainly require a near world-record deadlift.  Additionally we later discover that there was a prototype experimental jet engine in the trunk, which would have added several hundred more pounds to the total at a minimum.  Even though his character in TWINS was supposed to be borderline superhuman, we’ll rate that feat as “beyond impossible.”

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