What to expect from The Wachowskis Jupiter Ascending

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Wachowski Brothers! Wachowski Brothers! Wachowski Brothers!

Lana and Andy Wachoski are back at it with their newest release, Jupiter Ascending. It stars Channing Tatum (how’d they get him to wear those ears), Mila Kunis and Eddie Redmayne, who just received an Oscar nod for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. It marks the first time the Wachowski Brothers have filmed one of their original screenplays since releasing The Matrix in 1999.

So, let me take a moment to talk about The Matrix.


Thanks Neo!

The Matrix, the first film of a trilogy, was a masterpiece. Not only was it a cinematic spectacle, reserved for such heights as Star Wars or The Godfather but it literally re-invented film making with its famous “bullet time” scenes. Not alot of movies can say they created a new style of film-making. Quick story, several years ago, I moved into a new place and the only thing I owned was my tv, a dvd player and a copy of The Matrix. I must have played that movie a hundred times in a row and you know what, it never got old. Hell, I could watch it again right now and still get goosebumps when Neo saves Trinity from that crashing helicopter.

But then they made The Matrix Revolutions. I still don’t get that movie. It was an overly complicated mess that failed to clearly wrap up the franchise. It was the “dumb blonde” of movies, beautiful to look at but not much going on inside. After watching it, I wasn’t left with a satisfying feeling, I just felt angry and confused.

It’s been an on going trend for the Wachowski Brothers. They’ll be involved with a movie like V for Vendetta that receives critical acclaim, then turn around and direct Speed Racer, a movie that nobody wanted to go see. Speed Racer was especially disappointing because the anime fan base was super excited to see a big screen version of this popular 60’s cartoon but ultimately disappointed by the lack of a coherent storyline.

That’s the feeling I’m getting about Jupiter Ascending. I’m just not sure which side of the fence this movie sits.

I've come to empty your wastebasket.

I’ve come to empty your wastebasket.

Mila Kunis plays Jupiter Jones, a down on her luck house cleaner. Wait a minute…Mila Kunis is playing a house cleaner?!? Anyway, unbeknownst to Kunis, she has a genetic link to one of the most powerful alien monarchies in the universe and could possibly become the heir to Earth. Once the matriarch of the alien royal family passes away, a battle for power breaks out amongst her children. Jones is identified on Earth as a threat to the throne so Caine Wise (Tatum), a part human, part wolf hybrid is dispatched to Earth in order to protect Kunis from the queen’s eldest child, Balem (Redmayne).

There’s one glaring red flag associated with this movie. Warner Brother pushed the release date back by several months (the original release date was scheduled for July 18th, 2014). Normally, when a movies release date is pushed back by that much, this means test screenings performed poorly and the studio is scrambling to either make script re-writes or film re-shoots before releasing what they perceive as a bomb. Plus, when a movies release date is pushed back this far, there’s usually a negative vibe associated with the film that kills any early buzz.

Jupiter-Ascending ship

The Wachoski Brothers deliver another visually stunning film.

But that doesn’t have to be the case with this film. Personally, I re-write some of my columns several times before publishing them because I want to make sure it’s correct. In todays age, people are too quick to label something long before they’ve even seen it. I want to give this movie a chance because I know The Wachowskis are capable of delivering a visually stunning movie. I just hope the time used during the films delay was used to deliver an equally stunning script.


Jupiter Ascending opens February 6th, 2015