The Might Morphin Power Rangers gets a very dark and gritty reboot

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Although I’d heard of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers before, I never really watched the show. Back in 1993, I was just too busy being a 22 year old I guess. And to be honest, the times I did catch an episode or two, the show never really appealed to me and it’s hard for me to put a finger on why. As a kid, I watched shows like Ultra Man, Voltron, and Star Blazers so when MMPR came around, I should have been all on board. But nope, wasn’t feeling it.

Adi Shankar

Adi Shankar


While cruising through the internet a couple of days ago, I found a neat little video I felt I had to share. Adi Shankar, producer of one of my favorite movies Dredd, made a fan-film short of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Shankar is a graduate of Northwestern University and known for his eccentric personality. Not only is he responsible for making Dredd but he produced the 2011 sleeper hit The Grey starring Liam Neeson. Shankar grew up a MMPR fan and wanted to introduce a new spin on the old television series. And like so many films being made these days, it is a dark and gritty reboot full of ultra-violence, cursing and anything else you can think of to make a movie rated R (no boobies but it was a trailer). And let me tell you, I was hooked!



MMPR reboot

James van der Beek and Katee Sackhoff

The short stars and was co-written by James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek fame and Katee Sackhoff from the 2003-09 Battlestar Galactica revamp.  It was directed by Joseph Kahn, known more for directing music video’s for Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Eminem. The short runs about 14 minutes long and tells the story of a mechanically enhanced Red Ranger (Van Der Beek) interrogating  Pink Ranger (Sackhoff) about the deaths of all the other Power Rangers. It is a kick ass trailer and if the Power Rangers had never existed before last week, it would be one of the most anticipated movies coming up. But it is attached to the Power Rangers name and I don’t know if you change an entire franchises thematic scheme. I know Christopher Nolan made The Dark Knight darker then the Tim Burton’s Batman but that’s not a great leap. The character of Batman/Bruce Wayne needed a more realistic tone, one I wasn’t sure you could pull off with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But I was wrong. Shankar, Kahn and Van Der Beek pulled this reboot off without a hitch and if the massive internet buzz is correct, I can see a full length feature being made in the near future. So check out this crazy reboot of a franchise that quite frankly, I’d forgotten about…but never say never.