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  • A Conversation with Dakoro Edwards

    A Conversation with Dakoro Edwards

      I’ve always held a deep appreciation for creative people. Musicians, actors and artists alike, their ability to tap into that creative part of the mind that allows them to imagine the unthinkable is a rare gift. That’s one of the reasons I created UnderCurrent Atlanta , to surround myself with creative people.   Like most super heroes, with great creativity, comes responsibility. Art has the ability to inspire the masses, to tug at the heart strings or influence the mind. […]

  • Maison Fleury–Call to Action

    Maison Fleury–Call to Action

    Here’s an example of a “Call to Action” video I made for Corrina Sephora Mensoff, a talented metal sculptor here in Atlanta. Corrina was having an open house in north Atlanta that displayed many of her unique pieces. I was able to get a couple of testimonials from friends and admirers but the highlight of the day was checking out the spiral staircase Corrina helped design. The staircase stood three stories high and ascended from the ground floor all the […]

  • Krog Street Tunnel

    Krog Street Tunnel

    Krog Street Tunnel, located in Cabbage Town, is home to some of Atlanta’s most interesting graffiti. The tunnel itself has an interesting look but it’s what lies inside the tunnel that is its main attraction. Krog Street Tunnel artists have been tagging the tunnel for years and I had to get a picture of it. And you know, adding a little Steely Dan to enhance the visual never hurts.

  • Pash Lima

    Pash Lima

    Pash Lima is a visual artist living in north Atlanta. At first, I was really interested by the pure talent of his artwork. However, once I started talking with him, his maturity and entrepreneurial spirit stood out to me. For as young as he is, he has his head on straight! He appreciates art and art history and in the future, wants to build a business that shares his passion with the rest of the world.  Pash Lima: My name is Pash Lima and I’m an artist I […]