Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott is a bass guitarist from Dothan, AL and has lived in Atlanta since he was 19. Honestly, I think I got lucky with this interview. Kevin had been hosting Jam Sessions at the 5 Spot in Little 5 Points for years and I got to talk with him during his very last Jam Session. It was bittersweet but he reflects on his beginnings and influences.

My name is Kevin Scott

I am a bass player

UnderCurrent Atlanta: How did you get interested in playing bass guitar?

Kevin Scott: I got started playing music because I have a whole family full of musicians. My dad played professionally for years, toured, a lot of session work. My grandfather was a bass player and he played with Mel Tormé, Ella Fitzgerald. My mom was a singer, she sang in New York for a while.

I was just kind of around it for the early stages of my life, being around live music in bars and something like that.

When I got real serious about playing is when I started getting into, you know, I guess started listening to jazz but I guess like the gateway drug into jazz was probably Steely Dan, my dad was a huge Steely Dan fan.

UCA: You’ve been in Atlanta for awhile, what do you think about the music scene around here?

KS: I think right now is…it might be the best it’s been around Atlanta right now. There’s amazing world class players playing every night of the week somewhere; the community as a whole seems very strong, (a lot) of support from players and there’s a lot of gender mingling now that’s taking place where you know you can go see an Indy Rock garage band at 529 (Bar) and Kebbie Williams bands playing.

Greatest thing about…the best thing about playing music is the creative outlet. It’s definitely an amazing thing to realize, like, you know, how small it’s…how significant/insignificant it is at the same time.

UCA: What inspires you to get up on that stage every night?

KS: I like the idea of people liking what I do and also not liking what I do cause that means you are actually saying something honest and musically, if someone comes to see you play,  and they go “That was ok”, that’s kind of in the middle I guess but I’d rather have someone either storm out cause they don’t like it or its too weird, it’s too in, who knows or I’d rather have someone say “Wow, thank you for that!” or…”It sounded great!”, it’s all the same to me.

Nothings set in stone so you are always flying by the seat of your pants no matter how established you are. You got the biggest gig in the world, that does not mean you’ll have it tomorrow where as in other professions, you sign up, you’re in you know, you’re in…

Kevin is one of the “guys in the know” about the Atlanta music scene so it’s always good catching up with him. Visit Kevin at his webpage.